Living Fully: Oddisee's 'Own Appeal' and Embracing Life's Brief Brilliance

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Oddisee, a Sudanese-American producer/MC from Washington D.C, has consistently been a favorite rapper/producer of mine over the years, and “Own Appeal” is undeniably one of his standout works. Lately, I’ve found myself dwelling on the opening line, “I never asked to be born, and death’s no question.” Today, I finally put pen to paper to share my thoughts on what this line means to me.

The Unasked Query of Existence

The words resonate deeply - “I never asked to be born.” This raw expression encapsulates the unasked nature of our existence, a sentiment many grapple with at some point.

Oddisee’s declaration encapsulates the paradox of choice coloring our journey. Reflecting on life’s myriad choices against the backdrop of our lack of agency in our own birth, I recognize that while I navigate decisions, the fundamental choice – the decision to exist – wasn’t mine to make. Our parents, as the primary architects of our existence, made the profound decision to bring life into being.

This acknowledgment doesn’t diminish the importance of the choices we make in our lives or the agency we exercise in navigating our individual paths. Instead, it highlights the inherent complexity of existence, wherein the initial decision to enter this world was made on our behalf by those who came before us.

Considering this perspective invites a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of our lives and the influence our parents have on our existence. It sparks contemplation about the circumstances and factors beyond our control that shape our journey, laying the foundation for the myriad choices we make as we navigate the complexities of life.

Death’s Unavoidable Certainty

The latter half, “death’s no question,” unfolds as a poignant acknowledgment of our mortality. Oddisee lays it bare, prompting a confrontation with the inevitability of death. It’s not foreboding but sparks a profound reflection on how I approach life, knowing its finite nature defines our shared human experience.

Crafting Meaning Through Personal Reflection

Oddisee’s words become a soundtrack to my contemplation. How do I navigate this uncharted territory of existence? Finding solace in unique coping mechanisms, be it delving into philosophy, spirituality, or the introspective journey of self-discovery, I seek to create meaning in relationships, cherish experiences, contribute to the world and to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Our time here is a precious commodity, and should not to be taken for granted.

A Personal Odyssey with “Own Appeal”

Oddisee’s “Own Appeal” transcends a mere rap track; it mirrors my musings on existence. “I never asked to be born, and death’s no question” catalyzes a personal odyssey, prompting me to navigate the nuances of my own narrative. Embracing life’s uncharted and inevitable aspects, I resonate with Oddisee’s profound exploration of existence through this singular line.

Collins Muriuki

Collins Muriuki

Understanding the universe and explaining it to a three year old.

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